Hi Paresh,
As I inch towards my retirement, I seem to, more and more, look back with gratitude at the way the printing industry has been able provide me with a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.

Wow! I am surprised that I have spent almost 35 years in this trade as a business owner, filled with a lot of thrilling times and a few suicidal moments.

Being a print broker, I had to depend 100% on the print shops and the binderies.

On the other hand, because I had chosen to deal exclusively with some of the well-known advertising agencies of Toronto, whose ridiculous demands for quality and “On Time Demands”, are the suicidal moments I was referring to.

If you are wondering why I am writing this personal, and a rather emotional letter to you, it’s to thank you for being a major part of my life in the printing industry.

When one specializes as a supplier to the advertising agencies, he or she ends up indirectly working major corporations, mostly international, who hire such agencies.

Over the years, DuPont, Honda, Kodak, Mercedes Benz and Acura were some of the companies for whom I printed some, if not most, of their requirements.

The biggest, the toughest and the most demanding of my clients was the advertising agency called Ambrose Carr Linton Carol or, A. C. L. C. as they were popularly referred to.

They had the Honda (car div.) and the Acura account for nearly 25 years and, later on, the Mercedes Benz account for about 2 years.

Thousands of jobs have been printed, bound and shipped over my carrier, and if someone were to ask me today to name the most satisfying jobs that I have undertaken during my time, without the slightest hesitation I would name the entire Honda, Acura and Mercedes Benz car catalogues that were handled by me.

If you remember, almost every one of these had cross over pages throughout the catalogue.

You guys handled all the bindery work for the catalouges

Over the years we have received numerous compliments from A. C.L. C. for our performance, especially when the Honda and Acura catalogues were produced, and yet the most thrilling moment of my life was the one where the Mercedes Benz head office in Germany sent it’s compliments to us via the agency.

The one in particular was the S Class perfect bound catalogue that you guys handled.

Quite a few trade printers were involved in the printing of all the catalogues over the years, but the only guys who handled my bindery work were the ones at Express Bind Inc..

Ever since you guys took over the bindery (was it almost 20 years back?) from Penny, you have handled almost 85% of my work.

You supplied some of the most intricate and cost effective layouts.

As everyone in this industry is aware, bindery is the bottleneck of any print job.

No mistakes are allowed, no delays are acceptable, especially when you are dealing with multi-national corporations.

You, my friend, never ever let me down!

There were times when even the art directors of certain ad. agencies were at a loss about the finishing of a job that that they could only explain in vague terms, and you came up with some spectacular suggestions.

As I am in the process of downsizing my business and my house too, I am getting rid of samples of jobs that were handled by me over the years, but there are a few that I plan to keep handy to remind me of the best ones.

Not surprisingly, every one of these were planned and finished with your help.

What I have admired most about you is that you are a hands-on guy. You personally supervise every single job that is handled by your plant.

No matter how busy you were, you always took time to sit down and discuss every single job that I brought into your place. You never laughed or got angry with me for some of the most outrageous requests I made over the years.
I want to thank you for being “Paresh”, my go-to guy for any of my specialty bindery requirements.

I will drop by one of these days, and I promise that our conversation will not include any work issues. We will just talk about life.

Since I am much older than you, I would like to end by saying “Bless You”

Omi Trivedi

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